Greet the world with confidence by applying practical etiquette skills

Image is how you project yourself, for others to perceive, through your dressing and body language. People often judge others in the first few seconds of meeting, and based on this first impression, they form an opinion about the person.

It is therefore, extremely important to project an image that creates a powerful first impression in your personal and professional life. Small changes net big changes in engagement, productivity, and personal growth.

As an etiquette consultant, I work with people in the following areas:

  • Etiquette, using body language and manners to your advantage

  • Mastering effective eye contact and body language

  • How to create the best first impression in business

  • Introductions (Who do you introduce first? Woman to man /senior to junior etc)

  • Greetings and handshakes

  • Subjects including social and business protocol

  • From discreet manners and social polishing

  • Dining etiquette

  • Image consultancy

  • Developing social skills, confidence, and good communication