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Why Etiquette and Protocol?

We all have those awkward moments when we aren’t sure of the proper way to handle a situation.  We can be left feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed. These situations may happen at a social event, family gathering, or business function.  Have you ever thought “I could have handled that better”? The good news is we can learn appropriate ways handle those awkward moments.

The word etiquette comes across as stuffy and outdated. Do people still pay attention to etiquette?  The truth is, etiquette and protocol are about treating others with thoughtfulness and respect. Respect is not a fashion trend,  it hasn’t gone out of style. As children we learned from our parents to say please and thank you. Why? To show respect. Respect isn’t passe´; in fact it is essential for adults and children to be reminded that the people we encounter throughout our day matter. Adults and children gain self-esteem and confidence when they are confident that the way they treat people is received well.

If  you are a boss, team leader or hold any position that puts you in charge, you know interpersonal relationship skills are crucial. Knowledge of proper protocol is a vital tool used to gain that competitive edge and foster superior customer service.

Parents, you’ve heard the saying “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.” A manners refresher can go a long way helping children understand why they should use good manners.

We are all aware of those people who exhibit the “wow” factor. The people who command a room and exude a magnetism. Human beings are drawn to confidence and a positive attitude. This is where etiquette plays a major role.

I coach to help you avoid awkward moments and have the “wow” factor. I want you to know that what you are saying and doing are within acceptable codes of conduct and behavior. You will learn what to say when you are given a compliment.  I would like to see you to present yourself confidently when introducing yourself. Show people how classy you are and remember to send thank you notes.

Whether you need a refresher or some serious etiquette boot camp, I’m here to help.

When you practice good manners it is a reflection of who you are. Practice diligently everyday and it will become part of your personal style.



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