Travel Etiquette Tips

Memorial Day is the official kickoff for the summertime travel season. Millions of people from coast to coast are ready to kick off summer with a Memorial Day getaway. Also, The Fourth of July, the biggest blockbuster summer holiday, is also one of the busiest traveling times of the year.

Are you prepared with your travel etiquette?

Travel Etiquette Tips:

1)  To Recline or Not to Recline, That is the question!

Be aware and look back first. Make sure the person behind you is not eating, using their laptop or 6’9” tall. It’s about being kind. Ask if it’s alright to put the seat back a little. If they say no, don’t be offended.

2)  The Traveling Chatterbox

The chatter could be talking a lot because of nerves. You can ask “Do you travel often?’ You’ll find out if it is in fact nerves, if so be compassionate.

Another suggestion if you are sitting next to a chatty traveler, put your ear buds in this is the universal sign for I do not want to be disturbed.

3)  The Seat Kicking Small Child or Adult

If there is a small child or adult kicking your chair, what to do? With a nice tone and a smile you can ask nicely “Would you please stop kicking my chair.” If it goes on you can politely ask the parent if they would mind switching seats with the child.

4)  Arm Rest Battle

Who gets the armrests? It’s simple the person near the window gets the one near the window, the person on the aisle gets the aisle armrest and the person in the center gets Both armrests.

5)  Seat Change

If someone asks you to trade seats so they can sit with a friend, change seat for seat. A middle seat for a middle seat or a window seat for a window seat. If you need to change your seat, always trade up not down. You may also say “No thank you” when asked to trade your seat for another.

6)  Rude Food

Don’t carry on strong-smelling foods, no tuna or hard-boiled eggs please! Be a courteous traveler and pack peanuts or crackers.

7)  Graceful exit

If you need to get up and pass by the person seated next to you – do you turn towards them or away? Turn towards them and politely say excuse me.

Be patient. Be ready to wait. Be nice to the person next to you. Be courteous!

Bon Voyage!

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