Shape Shifting

The Essential Secret to looking good in your clothing lies in understanding how Shape Shifting works. Discovering your body shape type is vital in making clothing work for you.

One way we determine body shape is with vertical body measurements.  The good news is, we can proportion an imbalanced body shape with clothing through Shape Shifting.

There are five different body shapes; Rectangle, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Round and Hourglass. The ideal shape for women is the hourglass and the fashion ideal. All shapes need to be dressed to achieve this shape.

Determining if your body type is angled or curved will help you decide your best clothing options. For example, style a curved body shape with wavy lines.

At A Glance – Body Shape Characteristics:

Rectangle: Hips and shoulders look balanced – very little or no waist definition

Triangle: Hips wider than shoulders – narrow shoulders

Inverted Triangle: Shoulders wider than the hips – Small hips

Round:  Fullness at midriff – no waist definition

Hourglass: Waistline is narrower than bust line – has waist definition

Most women do not know how important it is to get a good fit and end up having a wardrobe full of pretty, unflattering clothing.  It is essential to have an understanding of your measurements and remeasure every six months.

Once you have an understanding of your body shape, it is then necessary to analyze the horizontal body shape. Horizontal body shape is referring to long or short torso and long or short leg. By using clothing we are able to visually raise or lower the waist.

The goal is finding the fit that is the right balance and proportion for our own specific body. We can create balance using color, pattern, lines and textures. When we understand how clothing can work for us, it brings the eye to a vocal point and away from figure irregularities.

Clothing that works for your body shape is key. Boost confidence and wear outfits that enhance your body type.

With the right clothing anyone can look stunning!

Tips To Downplay Body Irregularities And Accentuate Assets:

One color head to toe creates length

Small prints emphasize large shapes

Large prints emphasize small shapes

Use bright colors to draw attention

A bright scarf will draw attention away from wider hips

One color on top and contrast on bottom cuts a shape in half (Appearing Shorter)

White maximizes figure shape

Black minimizes any figure shape

Use a belt to “cut” a line at the waist if you are tall and want to appear shorter

Create the illusion of a waist with the seams of a jacket or waist line of a pant

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