Soft skills are a combination of interpersonal people skills, attitudes and social skills. Unlike hard skills, soft skills relate to your attitude and intuitions. Why do soft skills matter? Most importantly because they are interacting skills. Soft skills are desirable in the work place and in our everyday life. They play an important role in how an individual is perceived.

Jacquelyn Youst Soft Skills


Master important life skills that will lead you to excel in your professional and personal relationships. You will learn to present yourself with complete confidence so you can more effectively compete and advance.

Refine social skills that are critical to achieving success. Build trust so you can achieve excellence and advance in your professional and personal relationships.

The ability to project confidence and poise is the core characteristic of Presence.  People who exhibit presence exude a “wow” factor and magnetism. Jacquelyn Youst teaches the skills you need to communicate with passion and energy.

Topics Include:

  • Body Language – How to project a positive image and make a good impression

  • Eye Contact

  • First Impressions

  • How to make an entrance and how to introduce yourself to others

  • How to shake hands with confidence

  • Dining savvy

  •  Interviewing skills

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    jacquelyn youst soft skills


    Learn the social graces of dining and entertaining. You will feel confident dining with a friend or hosting a dinner party. Being a gracious host will make your guests feel comfortable. Portray poise and learn social etiquette. After all, the dining table is the most important place your savvy is displayed.

    Topics Include:

    • Host/hostess duties and responsibilities

    • American style of dining

    • Continental style of dining

    • Silent code

    • Silverware savvy

    • When to begin – at what point/signaled by whom

    • Toasting- When and How

    • Napkin etiquette

    • Bread and butter etiquette

    • Navigating the place setting

    • Serving/clearing/passing

    • Excusing yourself from the table

    • Mingle gracefully/Introductions/Eye Contact/Body Language

    • Dining Do’s and Don’ts

    An on-site luncheon or dinner tutorial is recommended.

    We invite you to schedule a private class, or to schedule a group class with your friends and/or family.

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