Jacquelyn Youst Etiquette Styleover Services

If you haven’t had the time or opportunity to invest in yourself, now is the time.

The Goal is Elegance! Being graceful and stylish in appearance and manner.


Schedule an image Styleover and work privately with Jacquelyn to get answers to your wardrobe problems.

Have you ever stared at your wardrobe and thought there has to be a better way? Feeling frustrated thinking there has to be a better way but you have no idea what that would be? Repeating over and over the same shopping habits, occasionally trying something new but never feeling completely confident.

A private program allows you to work with Jacquelyn and to benefit from her well-trained eye so that you truly produce outfits you love!

Example of One-On-One Image Consulting:

Color analysis – Knowing what colors look great on you

Body Shape Analysis – How to balance your body

Face Shape Analysis

Style Personality Consult will identify who you are. This is the heart of our work together and is one of the most powerful tools you will ever have to create a personal style you love.

Figure flattery tips & Body Proportion tips

Now that we have these tools at your fingertips, during the remainder of our time together you will learn how to use them effectively to create a wardrobe and personal style you love—offering you guidance and answers to all of your questions

Together we will determine the best next steps to bring you them most inspiration and joy:

*3hrs. Personal Shopping

Putting together a wardrobe and personal style you love can sometimes feel overwhelming. Where do you start? If you need some guidance, we can explore what service would work best for you based on your needs and budget.


Don’t underestimate the power of color! I recognize that colors come in all varieties we will discover your most flattering colors. Ever wonder why in the past, some garments have ‘worked’ and others haven’t?  A color can be bright, light, dark, muted, toasted, tinted, warm, or cool.  Knowing which colors will work to bring your face alive versus draining the color is priceless valuable information!

What you will receive:

We offer a comprehensive, individualized color analysis!

We use Chinboard Cards to discover the colors that will work best for you. No more guessing at what colors work.

You will learn the most flattering colors for you. Plan on feeling beautiful with a glow! You will be able to confidently make more outfits out of your wardrobe because the colors will mix and match more beautifully.  The cost is $150 – one hour



The Essential Secret to looking good in your clothing lies in understanding how Shape Shifting works. By taking measurements we determine your body type, this is vital in making clothing work for you.

The good news is, we can proportion an imbalanced body shape with clothing through Shape Shifting.

Everything will be figured to balance your body.

  • You’ll look lighter & comfortable in what you wear.

  • The focus will be drawn upwards towards your face where it belongs!

  • People will notice you first rather than your clothing.

You’ll feel better in your clothes!

Schedule a consultation in my studio to take your measurements and explain the process. The next step is to meet and go over your body type and learn body shape proportion and figure flattery tips. The cost is $150- one hour



Are you in a style rut? Don’t have anything to wear? Is your closet full of pieces that don’t work together?

Schedule a closet audit to determine what in your existing wardrobe should be kept or discarded to maximize your overall image goals.  We show you techniques to reinvent your wardrobe by mixing and matching items to create new outfits. Be excited and fill in the gaps by creating a shopping list to create a cohesive wardrobe based on your image goals and budget. The cost is $600 -4 hours


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