Royal Wedding

Five Royal Wedding Ideas

The world has been fascinated by the royals, and all their old-fashioned royal wedding traditions. Snag a few fun ideas from Harry and Meghan. Although you don’t need to have a royal budget, by adding a few reasonable royal touches to your wedding, you can truly make your special day feel even more special. Consider adding these 5 royal traditions to your own ceremony.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery!

Don’t toss that bouquet!

Royal tradition is to place the bride’s bouquet at the tomb of the unknown warrior. This is something that can be incorporated into your wedding. Consider placing the bridal bouquet on the grave of a loved one.

Wear a tiara!

Royal weddings are all about pomp and circumstance. One old-fashioned royal wedding tradition we will for sure see is tiaras. If this is something that you feel is part of your own personal style, there’s no reason you too can’t be a princess too.

Take the long stroll first!

Traditionally at a royal wedding the bridesmaids follow the bride down the aisle.

The royal cake!

If anything is better than one wedding cake, it’s two wedding cakes.

A royal wedding has two cakes. Traditionally one cake is a fruitcake but, you can obviously have any type of cake or dessert you want.

Elegant backdrop!

Many couples ask their guests to wear black-tie, so it’s definitely not too much to ask your female guests to wear a hat. This might seem stuffy or unnecessary for today’s ceremonies but, it would be another elegant way to provide a touch of class. A wedding with hats makes for amazing photos.  If you feel this is something that your guests might be willing to do, go for it.


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