Jacquelyn Youst’s etiquette program for children teaches the confidence that comes from knowing the right thing to do. When confidence grows, so does the ability to develop happy relationships.

Our etiquette workshop series is designed to empower children to develop strong social skills that will transform them into leaders of tomorrow. Jacquelyn’s interactive session helps students learn the value of self-respect and consideration towards others. Her message encourages youth to support one another and take control of their destiny by making good choices.

The foundation of etiquette taught in childhood is priceless and considered a life long investment. The goal is to learn basic manners, table etiquette, social skills, and build confidence. Children receive a certificate of completion.

Teaching that we always want to be mindful of our actions and how we treat other people.


We offer two programs – Dining Etiquette and Everyday Manners

Dining Etiquette Workshop Covers

Table Settings

Silverware Placement

Napkin Placement

Handling Utensils

Posture at the table

Dining Do’s and Dont’s

Passing Items Around the Taable

Basic Table Manners

Proper Way to Butter and Eat Bread

Proper Way to Eat Soup

Excusing Yourself from the Table

Everyday Manners Workshop

Why manners matter

Non-Verbal Communication

Body Language

Eye contact



Thank-you notes

Proper Introductions

Telephone/Cell Phone Etiquette

Social Media Etiquette


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