Color of the Month – June

Color of the Month – June

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What is color psychology? Wikipedia explains how color influences perception and affects human behavior. I’ll let them explain the scientific reason color affects emotion. I do know that for example, when I opt for wearing red, I feel like a productive powerhouse. I also read somewhere men spend more money on women who wear red. I don’t know the truth to that but, it seems to relate to this whole color psychology theory.

I’m going to share tips that’ll keep your wardrobe from getting boring. After a while our closet can consist of lots of neutral colors and we definitely need to add some color to create a spark. I’m guilty of being a hunter and gatherer of beige, white and black. The safe colors are great but it limits our fashion personality. June brings with it the start of summer and we can put away all those heavy dark sweaters. I am sure like me, you are bored with the color choices for winter.


Luckily, Summer brings more color options in clothing and that makes shopping more enjoyable!  The good news is the color of the month for June is Aspen Gold. Adding some Aspen Gold into your wardrobe will put a spring in your step and energize! Choose one or two items in Aspen Gold,  a t-shirt or scarf to enliven your spirit. Another fun option is to purchase an eyes-shadow in this color. Enliven your spirit and feel energized using color.


When you are planning your wardrobe, be sure to take color into consideration. Color not only shape shifts, it can make a significant difference on your mood.


Color of the Month June




Stay tuned and close by for July’s color of the month!

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